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Committee Warns UK’s Solar Capacity Target at Risk

Solar Energy UK

Solar Energy UK welcomes the Environmental Audit Committee’s demand for the Government to take urgent action on intolerably long waiting times for connecting solar and battery projects to the electricity networks. The Committee has warned that if these delays are not resolved, there will be a considerable shortfall in the Government’s target of achieving 70 gigawatts of solar capacity by 2035.

Historical underinvestment, the management of connection applications, “unresponsive” distribution network operators, and regulatory failure have been identified as the key factors contributing to the delays. Additionally, current rules requiring the capacities of collocated battery storage and solar sites to be combined when considering grid infrastructure needs are deemed excessive, considering the different times of the day when the current flows from them.

The MPs have demanded new solutions and mission statements to speed up investment and prioritise net zero, particularly for rooftop solar installations and the Future Homes Standard. And the Committee has recommended low-cost finance for rooftop installations and removing VAT on adding battery storage systems to existing solar power installations.

Solar Energy UK has given as well evidence to the Committee’s inquiry into solar power. Chief Executive Chris Hewett has expressed grave concern about the economic damage caused to the UK by the delays. The Committee will examine the issue in more detail through a dedicated inquiry on enabling sustainable electrification of the UK economy, which is accepting evidence until 1 June.

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