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Associated Seafoods – Low St – 500kW CHP


Combined Heat and Power


Associated Seafoods


Fish Processing Factory




The aim of the project was to deliver an efficient solution for the replacement of an oversized gas boiler, as well as providing sustainable power to offset current electrical loads. This system provides 125 to 500 kWe and 200kWth of heat.

The factory has an annual power use of around 2.2 GWh.  Our analysis of the half hourly data found that the power followed a trend of baseload which could be covered by one system and a peak which could be covered by a second unit.  With lower consumption on Sundays. Using this information and a detailed analysis of annual heat load measurements, we concluded that a twin-set CHP unit would provide the flexibility we needed.

The project had a few challenges; space was tight, so we had to overcome space restrictions and allow the customer to make storage space under our unit.  We also had to reconfigure the plumbing to supply heat to multiple calorifiers throughout the factory and replace a steam main with system that could withstand the coastal environment.

Our Solution

The system is fully serviced and supported by Biosus Energy this includes:

  • Planned CHP maintenance as per the manufacturers and warranty requirements, e.g. oil changes, spark plugs, filters etc.
  • 24/7 response to any engine warnings or unscheduled stops.
  • Remote cover via 4G and internet alarms.
  • Remote login to critical systems including engine ignition and ComAp controller.
  • Gas and power metering.
  • Monthly reporting on performance and savings.


  • The system is fully compiant with G100 and Zero Export requirements.
  • System output is constantly adjusted to ensure factory demand is met and no power is exported to the grid.
  • CHP control system is tied with the mains controller, which controls the operation of the main incomer switch.
  • In case of loss of grid, the main incomer switch opens and generation continues to operate in Island Mode.
  • Once the mains supply is restored, the main incomer is synchronised with the grid and closed.
  • This adds an extra level of security to the factory power supply and ensures seamless transfer between supplies.
  • Safety systems are integrated into factory alarms for mutual protection.


  • Power and heat savings of £50,000 per year.
  • Innovative Energy Supply Agreement (ESA):
    • Biosus Energy provides the gas, so the client has no gas bill.
    • The client is only charged for each kilowatt of power and heat used.
    • Guaranteed savings versus grid connection.
  • The system is CHPQA compliant

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