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Rosehill Timber 40kWp Solar PV


Solar PV


Rosehill Timber






Rosehill Timber, a leading timber supplier in the UK, wanted to reduce its environmental impact and energy costs by implementing renewable energy technology. They approached Biosus Energy to design and install a solar PV system that would meet their needs.

Biosus Energy conducted a detailed site survey and designed a bespoke solar PV system for Rosehill Timber’s facility. The system consists of 88 solar panels with a total capacity of 40kWp. The installation was completed within 2 weeks and is expected to generate approximately 32,000kWh of electricity per year, resulting in a significant reduction in the company’s carbon footprint.

Our Solution

The solar PV system has exceeded expectations in terms of energy production, and has provided Rosehill Timber with a source of clean, renewable energy. The system is also expected to provide significant savings on energy costs over its lifespan.

Overall, the installation of the solar PV system at Rosehill Timber demonstrates the benefits of renewable energy technology for businesses, both in terms of environmental impact and financial savings.

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